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the perfect business strategy does not exist.
what worked for me or others may not work for you,
that’s why I help you dig into who you are so we can create a strategy that works for YOU



1. YOU

We focus on you – your dreams, your values, your desires! your fears. you are the most important part of your business! In this process we can use things like Human Design, and/or mindset coaching.



here we look at what kind of business you want/need to build to support you in this current stage of life. Here we look at things like: operations, systems to help you scale, your prices and services, your clients, and we align your business as much as possible to your strenghts so it feels like a breeze.



How is your brand communicating your story? Your services? How are we saying things in a way that reaches your audience? We look at the customer journey and the different ways that customers might work with you. We focus on creating content that is strategic!

In 2017 I nervously quit my fancy pants salaried tech job to launch my first community-driven project. Five years and dozens of clients later, I help others do the same. All while avoiding hustle culture and harmful marketing tactics.

brand + business strategist

In 2017 I nervously quit my fancy pants salaried tech job to launch my first community-driven project. Five years later,  I help others do the same.

I believe folks from systematically oppressed communities will lead the way to a liberated future and am committed to helping folks transform their communities by demystifying innovation and guiding them to trust their inner voice.

As a previously undocumented immigrant, I became an advocate for economic + immigrant justice after my family lost everything and migrated to the US.

My advice has been featured on Forbes and on stages nationwide.


Entrepreneurship is a portal for individual and collective transformation.

My mission is to help folks exit survival mode and co-create liberated futures through entrepreneurship.  

kind words

“Pamela helped me structure my core message to meet my ideal client through various levels of my work. She created ways to talk about my offerings that I hadn’t considered and was able to clarify some of the areas where I was confusing my audience. What I like most about working with Pamela is that her attunement to emotion allows her to easily tap into the client experience in a way that I couldn’t, even as a trained psychologist!”  – Isha Vela

“Pamela’s services were a total game-changer for me. For the first time in my life, I saw myself as a would-be entrepreneur. I had never, ever imagined myself in that role before, and wouldn’t even have known where to start. Through seeing Pamela’s accessible, encouraging advice, I started to realize I could start a business. Her guidance in both 1-1 and group settings was invaluable to me for the year that I worked with her and is still deeply valuable today. I would highly recommend her for help with your small business and branding strategy.”  – Claire Blossom

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