Pamela Barba (she/her/ella) believes that it’s up to us to create the world we want to live in. And it starts with you owning your brilliance. (yes, you!)

She helps entrepreneurs and creators launch and scale their one-of-a-kind ideas. Her grounded advice has been featured on Forbes and on stages nationwide.

As a previously undocumented immigrant, she became an advocate for economic and immigrant equity after her family lost everything and migrated to the US.

Now she helps marginalized folks transform their communities by launching brands, businesses, and community-driven projects. After spending a lifetime in the design and entrepreneurship space she learned that safety and self-trust are key in the creation process. She’s obsessed with demystifying innovation and guiding folks to trust their inner fire.

Whatever the case wherever the wifi is connecting Pamela is on a mission to help folks start some sh*t.

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Speaker Accelerator, Shine Bootcamp
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Press + Media

Forbes, April 21, 2020 –
5 Things Small Business Owners Should Prioritize According To A Brand Strategist

“Now as a brand strategist, Barba helps other creative and business owners take their ideas and turn them into successful businesses, again and again.”

WATScast, March 17, 2020 – The Bilingual Kids Table 

WATScast is an exploration of culture by Asian American creatives and co founders of WATS Media, John ‘Joules’ Song (rapper, beat-maker, and filmmaker) and Jennifer Chung (singer-songwriter, actor, and social media strategist). With his roots from Jersey, her roots from the Bay, and their home in Atlanta, they discuss ideas on creativity, business, and the things life has to offer.


Homebody Podcast, December 4, 2019 – “Building safety before you can build a business”

“In this episode we talk about her unique perspective coming from an immigrant, small business family and how it has shaped her ideas around branding strategy and activism.”


Diversity Gap Podcast, September 27, 2019 – “Showing up authentically in spaces not built for you”

“In this two episode feature, you get to hear Pamela share tips and insights on how to show up in spaces that are often not created with underrepresented minority groups in mind. Pamela and Bethaney also discuss entrepreneurship and racial equity in the tech industry!”

Forbes, Aug 27, 2019 – Vamos Ladies’ Founder Shares 5 Tips On How Latinas Can Up Their Confidence And Own Their Success

When Pamela Barba started Vamos Ladies, a self-development and community platform for Latinas, she did so with a single ‘why’ in mind — to help Latinas up their self-confidence in the hopes of it having a positive ripple effect on their careers.”


Chantel Adams, May 21, 2019 – Mission Driven Monday

“There’s a word that comes to mind when I think of Pamela, and it’s CLARITY. Not only does she know who she is–strong and capable and worthy, but she also helps other people understand who they are. And that’s how you bring business to life. She literally puts LIFE into your business!”


ArtsAtl, May 1, 2019 – All Together Now: Art shop, creative space opens tonight at The Beacon

“‘We believe in listening to the community, especially people of color, in hopes of building a space where people can feel safe to bring their full, authentic, creative selves,’ Barba said in a statement.”


digitalundivided – Case Study: Rethinking the Path to Entrepreneurship

“Pamela had risen in the graphic design world to a high-powered, high-paying position, but a lack of diversity and the inability to make an impact in her field compelled her to seek an alternate path.”


Latino Community Fund Georgia – Pamela’s Journey as a Latina in the Social Entrepreneurship Space

“Pamela Barba is a fierce Latina with one goal: reduce the wage gap for Latinas.”

Latinx Therapy – “Children of Business Owners”

“We discuss the guilt we feel in the present when we practice self-care, the hope of our parents taking over a business we did not want, and also explore how to handle fears for our parents and what it is like to have problems within family members. Most importantly, we discuss how the business world shaped us to be the adults we are now.”