ready to build a biz that feels GOOD?


Human Design is a synthesis of Astrology, I Ching, Kabbalah, Quantum Physics, and the Chakra System.

It can help you identify your strengths, and how you’re “designed” to function in the world. Connecting with these teachings can help you find a way to exist with more ease.

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You put all pieces of your brand together, but something feels … off? In this laser focused package, we’ll dig deep into one of your brand assets to create a winning brand strategy

  • 4 x 60-minute sessions
  • examples: personalized 30-day launch plan/content strategy formula
  • promote like a pro digital dashboard
  • a comprehensive review of your brand/service
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 ready to shine? let’s (re)build your soul aligned biz! 

  • 16-week 1on1 program created for: founders, business owners, healers + creators to help you align your inner purpose with your work
  • Through our weekly calls, we will journey through: Mindset, to uncover any dusty beliefs that might be keeping you stuck in old patterns. Embodiment, where you’ll take supported action to help you step into the future version of yourself. Branding: you’ll create a brand that takes ownership of your BRILLIANCE so that going back to old you is no longer an option.
  • the brilliant brand framework™️  will help you create a brand that is aligned with you
  • 8 – 60 minute zoom sessions
  • Access to in between sessions via a voice message app so you can feel supported and confident every step of the way