Build a brand that attracts the right opportunities

* Clarify your message

* Connect with the right people

* Grow with ease

Hola! I’m Pame. I’m a brand & leadership coach

3 ways I help you build your influence

Leadership coaching to support YOU

After working with 70+ leaders, I’ve learned that it all starts with you. Let’s clarify your mission, goals, and vision. Define your values, strengths, and purpose. I’ve been coaching leaders for over 6 years. I have a person-centered approach to coaching to put you in the driver’s wheel.

Brand strategy to reach your goals

Your goals drive your brand strategy. A beautiful brand is great, but an effective brand is even better. When your message is clear and compelling, your brand becomes a magnet for the right audience.

Systems strategy for efficiency

The best plan is one that’s sustainable for you. Efficient systems save time, resources, and fuel sustainable growth. Streamlined operations give you an edge in your fast-paced industry. Work with me to create the right systems and processes, so you can enjoy more time off. 

kind words

She is a brilliant strategist and I highly recommend her. – BG

It is not an exaggeration to say that Pame is the best thing that ever happened to my business, I am so grateful to be working with her! – CJ

On the other side of working with Pame, my business is filled with ease and purpose. – BW

Who I help

You have an existing product/service but you’re not sure how to market it.

You need a Brand Strategy

You’re a leader who wants support as you grow into the next stage of your career/biz.

you need Leadership Coaching

You want to build a personal brand that positions you as a leader in your industry.

you need brand + leadership coaching

About Me

I believe it’s up to us to create the world we want to live in.
I work at the intersection of design, leadership development, and organizations.
I’m a design strategist, a leadership coach, and a facilitator. 
I’ve been featured on Forbes and on stages nationwide. I hold a BFA in Design and am currently pursuing a Master of Science in Executive Coaching & Organizational Consulting at New York University.
With a lifetime of experience in design and entrepreneurship, I’ve discovered that creativity and design are powerful tools that can be harnessed to solve virtually any problem.

Hi! I’m Pame.
I’ve been thinking about brands + biz since I was in the womb. (seriously, you should meet my mom!)

Let’s connect!

I love to connect with people, feel free to contact me ◡̈

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