Ready to go from doing sh*t you don't care about to getting paid to do the thing you would do for free?

brand strategy + mindset coaching to help you move from meh to yay.
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a) I'm lost in a sea of information on how to DIY my brand. I need a clear path, community, and support as I implement.

the brilliant brand club is an immersive group coaching program for real-ass women who want to turn their ideas into brands. You’ll develop the skills and strategy you need to build your brand and move through mindset blocks all while being in community with folks who get you. This is a month to month membership, join or cancel anytime!

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b) I'm stuck doing something that is really draining. I need a space where I can explore who I am and how to talk about it.

Ready to go from doing sh*t you don’t care about to getting hired to do the thing you would do for free ?
Then the 4 month Glow Up is for you. This is 120 days of private mindset + brand strategy coaching.

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A brilliant brand is the bridge that leads you from your present situation to the future of your dreams.

When I learned to tell my story, my life changed.

At age 27, after years of code-switching, people-pleasing, and working way too hard, I burned out. As an immigrant and first-generation college student, I felt so much pressure to “get it right” to honor my family’s sacrifice.

Despite the fact that my life looked good on the outside, it felt terrible on the inside.

It was 2017. I was scared, I was lonely, and I was broke. And now jobless.

All that I had was my story.
Thanks to my ability to brand myself, I was able to attract new friends, new clients, and new opportunities.
I went from being a burnt-out professional to a person who starts businesses and tells her story on stages. My brand helped me explain to people who I was, what I cared about, and most importantly it told people how I could help them. My brand helped me land opportunities, clients, trips, and connect with the right people.

I’ve been featured on Forbes, spoken at SXSW, I started a paid speaking career, I’ve been invited to co-curate art galleries, and I even became a Lululemon Luminary.

It has been a wild ride. During the past three years, I’ve had AMAZING opportunities, and it all started with a brand.

I had nothing, but I could tell a good story. I learned to use my voice and be vulnerable. I learned to communicate strategically and reach my goals. All the great opportunities and connections that followed came directly to the brilliant brand I created.

Now I want to teach you how to do the same.

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Pamela Barba, founder of the Brilliant Brand Club, takes you from doing sh*t you don’t care about to getting paid to do the thing you would do for free.

Her process, which has been described as being “equal parts magical and practical” combines personal branding + mindset techniques. Her grounded advice has been featured on Forbes and on stages nationwide.