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Your ideas have the power to make a lasting impact in your community.


In 2017 I nervously quit my fancy pants salaried tech job to launch my first community-driven project. Five years later, after several website redesigns, guided meditations, and dozens of clients later, I help others do the same! 

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no stress social media strategy template

No idea what to post? Steal my content strategy framework. You'll receive a one-hour video training, a Trello board template for you to create your 30-day plan, a formula you can re-use twelve times this year!


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mini brand audit

Not sure if your brand is confusing your audience? In this custom mini brand audit you'll receive a 30ish minute custom video of your brand being reviewed by Brand Strategist, Pamela Barba. 


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art commision

Love my design work and want me to create a digital piece for you? I'd love to! 

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Let’s design a more liberated future!

All while avoiding hustle culture and harmful marketing tactics.

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Pamela (she/her/ella) believes marginalized folks will lead the way to a liberated future.

She is a design strategist who helps entrepreneurs and creators launch and scale their one-of-a-kind ideas.

Her grounded advice has been featured on Forbes and on stages nationwide.