I’m not a huge fan of end-of-year Reflections or New Year resolutions. So here’s something a little different to close out your year. Don’t get me wrong, reflections and resolutions can be helpful and they have their place in the world. However some years they are just hard to do! Personally, I felt a tinge of shame as I thought about reviewing my 2020. There’s a bit of guilt for the “time wasted” and sadness for the things I didn’t complete.

2020 was a tough year for many, so I’m sharing an activity that’s a little different this year.

Try this out! It’s a powerful reminder of brilliant you are. 

It is very simple. Click here for the google docs template. Or feel free to do this in your own notebook!

Here’s what you do:

List out 10 – 20 things that you’re proud of. These can be things from your entire life. There are no limits! It can be things from this year, or from when you were ten years old. 

• It could be something you worked hard for, I graduated summa cum laude!

•Or when you received a cool opportunity, I won tickets to Hamilton!

• It can be something simple that makes you feel good. I make my bed every morning.

Now at the top, give it a title that makes you feel pride. Here are some ideas “Brilliant things I’ve done!” “Celebrating me!” That’s it!

The real magic of this exercise comes after you’ve written this stuff out. I suggest that you keep this paper in a visible area. Maybe you have it on your desk, tape it to the inside cover of your journal, or set it as a computer background. Try reading it to yourself a few times a week. Maybe even every morning as you start your day. This will help you remember all the brilliance that you hold. It’s a reminder of the AMAZING things that you’ve accomplished or attracted! A reminder of all the big or small joys that have brought you pride. Reading them will remind you of your power. And over time, it may even start to shift how you feel. Anything is possible!

Here’s a cute Google doc you can use if you want to fill it right out on the computer. Remember, don’t overthink it. There is no wrong way to do this.

Let me know how it goes!

Pamela Barba

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