your product needs some lovin’

You are starting to, or have already made the first version of your product. Right on!

Your product is a repeatable, systematized thing you sell. It could be a service (for example a tarot reading) or an actual IRL product. ( for example, a candle)

The next best thing for you, is to troubleshoot your product to understand exactly what problem it solves for your audience. Then you can improve it, or market it!

Here are some questions to help guide you:

1. Do I have a “packaged” thing folks can buy from me? That means they can go to a website, IG page, or other place and see what it is.

2. Do I create a custom proposal or pitch each time someone wants to buy from me? Is this scalable?

3. Do I have a product that a) people love buying b) I make money on and c) I love delivering?

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