I like doing experiments. 

Here are some of my experiments from the last few years: 

In 2014, I challenged myself to take cool “artsy” photos and post them on IG everyday. 

In 2015, I challenged myself to go on 30 dates in 30 days. (A story for another day, but you’ll be glad to know I only made it to two dates before abandoning this experiment.) 

In 2018, I was challenged to interview 200+ women entrepreneurs. This customer discovery led me to create Vamos Ladies which then turned into the brilliant brand club. 

In 2018, I completed several 40-day Kundalini yoga daily practices.

In 2020, I challenged myself to workout 3x/week for 6 weeks. 

In 2020, I challenged myself to draw/doodle/create something every day for 100 days. 

Now, I’m starting my last experiment of 2020. Writing something every day. 

Six reasons why I love these sorts of challenges
1. Once I start, I finish. As a black and white thinker, I do really well with showing up once I’m 100% committed.   (hello, Taurus here) 
2. The first few days are easy. The middle is always the hardest, but it’s in the middle days that I find the most gems. Once I do alllll the things I can think of and I think I’ve run out of ideas. THEN the real creativity starts flowing. 
4. With each challenge, I learn something about myself. I find both things I like and dislike. I keep the things that fit my life and release the ones that felt cumbersome.
5. Challenging myself forces me to face a fear, especially with my dating challenge. LMAO. 
6. I can’t overthink it. Since I have to produce a large number of things, I have a time limit every day. This keeps me moving! 
7. I view these purely as stunts. They mean nothing about me. It doesn’t matter who reads/likes. It’s all about the commitment I’ve made to myself. This helps me experiment in a way that’s not connected to my self-worth.