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You re-arranged yourself to make other people comfortable. 
Now it’s time to take up space. 

There I was sitting on the couch of my art therapist’s office, telling her the same thing I’d been saying for months.


I feel like I’m a pie. I have all these different slices and fragments, I don’t feel whole.”

My identity felt very fragmented. I worked full time in a job, where I felt like I couldn’t be myself. I was one person at home, one person with my family, one person in my home country. I spent all my free time volunteering, trying to fill in the gaps. And I was so exhausted. Keeping the different areas of my life separate and trying to keep the peace.  I desired to just “be myself” but to be honest, I had no idea how to start. 

After years of surviving as an immigrant in a foreign country, the only thing I knew how to do was to assimilate. This worked, it kept me safe. Until it didn’t. Not being myself became painful. So, I started my journey to take back the pieces of my identity I had left behind.

The first piece of my identity I wanted back was my Latinx / Ecuadorean identity. I had done too good of a job assimilating and I found myself far away from anything resembling my cultura. I never spoke Spanish. I always code-switched all day at work and with my roomates. My family felt like the last flimsy thread I had to a previous version of myself.

pamela standing on a stage

So, I did what I knew how to do. I built a brand.

Vamos Ladies, an invitation, a call to action, so that other mujeres could find me. I thought, for sure, I’m not the only person feeling this way. I poured my story and myself into this brand.


I embodied the thing I longed for. And over time, I became known as a leading latina. I created a community for people, who like me, needed it. I showed up. I wrote I spoke, and over time this part of myself didn’t feel like a fracture anymore.

Reclaim is a 8-week 1on1 program created to help you take back the pieces of your identity that got left behind.


Whether you’re a secret poet, and no one in your life knows it. (I had to, I’m sorry) Or maybe you want to become a coach, but you’re not sure how to launch. Or maybe you want to reclaim your ease by having better systems in place.

Through our weekly calls, we will journey through:
Mindset, to uncover any dusty beliefs that might be keeping you stuck in old patterns.
Embodiment, where you’ll take supported action to help you step into the future version of yourself.
Branding:  you’ll create a brand that takes ownership of your BRILLIANCE so that going back to old you is no longer an option.


you will pick one area of focus, our sessions will be tailored for your goals.


In our private coaching sessions, we will explore deeply where you are and where you want to be. Together, we’ll design a plan that will make your desired change inevitable. You will leave each call with a clear and simple document that outlines the steps you need to take between sessions.


In between calls, you will have private access to me via text/voice notes. I’ll be there every step of the way as you implement the strategies we outline. I’ll also be there to go down the rabbit-hole with you, if something comes up in-between sessions.


In this program, you will pick one area of focus. 
I’ll tailor the sessions to you and your needs. We’re not winging it though! We’ll be leaning on proven frameworks and design a clear path for your success.


If you’ve tried to change before and have gotten stuck in the past, you’re in the right place. In this program, I’ll walk you through the Immunity To Change framework (developed by smarty pants from Harvard!) where you’ll learn exactly HOW you get in your own way, and how to stop.


My Brilliant Brand Strategy™️ Framework is designed to be simple to be simple yet powerful.  This proven method will teach you how to build a brand rooted in who you are and what kind of work you want to be doing.


Total price $2,470 if paid in full, or 6 monthly payments of $450

Hola! My name is Pamela Barba (she/her/ella).

pamela standing on a stage

At age 27, after years of code-switching, people-pleasing, and working way too hard, I burned out.  Despite the fact that my life looked good on the outside, it felt terrible on the inside. 

 I had no back-up plan, all that I had was my story. Thanks to my ability to brand myself, I was to re-invent myself. 

I went from being a burnt-out professional to a person who starts businesses and tells her story on stages. My brand helped me explain to people who I was, what I cared about, and most importantly it told people how I could help them. My brand helped me land opportunities, clients, trips, and connect with the right people.

I’ve been featured on Forbes, spoke at SXSW,  and even started a paid speaking career. 

I had nothing, but I could tell a good story. I learned to use my voice and be vulnerable. I learned to communicate strategically and reach my goals. All the great opportunities and connections that followed came directly to the brilliant brand I created.

Now I want to teach you how to do the same.

But Pamela, what if…

If all we’re doing is talking, how do I know this is going to work for me?

I’ve been in situations where the coach and I just talked about whatever came up. In the end, I felt a little better, but not any closer to my goal. My program is designed for action and each conversation is purposeful. I take you step-by-step through proven brand strategy and mindset frameworks to help you reach your goal. Yes, you’ll feel better. But you’ll also take action. 

I’ve already gone to the workshops, I’ve gone to the conferences, and bought a “YOU GOT THIS” mug. And nothing changed. How is this different?

As a proud self-improvement junkie, I get it. I went to ALL the things and just ended up feeling more lonely and with an even bigger mostly pointless to-do list. That’s the magic in this 4-month program. It’s tailored to you. No generic advice. This is a highly supported, customized way for you to take big scary action. (and I’ll be there every step of the way, promise!) 

I feel so lost. Is this really the best time to invest in myself if I don’t even know exactly what I want?

I’ve been exactly where you are. When I started this journey, I had just burnt out of my “dream” job. I was also lost. In the middle of that messy feeling, I thought I had nothing. Over time, I learned that I actually had everything I needed inside me. In our 4 months together, you will learn to use all the tools that took me from LOST to crystal clear on who I was, how I talked about it, and how I created a life I love. 

What if I get stuck while we’re working together?

Honestly, you probably will get stuck! I’m ready for that. With four months together, we’ll have the time and space to dig up the things that have made you feel stuck in the past. We’ll take them apart one by one until they’re no longer relevant. This program is highly individualized. The support you’ll receive is guided by your needs, your stumbling blocks, your perceived obstacles. 

I’m interested, what are the next steps?


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To book your call, please fill out the form on calendly. This will help me learn more about you. No worries if you don’t know all the answers, I’m here to help!


Let's talk!

During our 20 minute discovery call, I will answer any questions you might have about the program. We’ll chat about where you are, and see if this is a good fit. No obligation, no sales tactics.

If it feels like a good fit, I'll follow up with the next steps to secure your spot.

If we both determine that this is a good fit for you right now, you’ll be able to reserve your spot by paying. Either in full or partly (if paid in full $2470 or 6 monthly payments of $450)