My dream is to illuminate your inner power. To show you the possibility of building a brand that leads to a life of love and freedom. 
So why do I focus on teaching branding? 
In 2017, post the political election, I was burnt out. I quit my dream job with no clear path or idea of where I’d go next.  This experience led me to start a new business. To be honest, I thought that it would be easier. You see, I didn’t want to launch any business. I wanted to launch a business with meaning, that allowed me to do work that I was passionate about. I wanted to launch a business that would support real social justice work. I was a wanna-be social entrepreneur, a woman, an immigrant, and a person with no savings.
In 2017, I launched Vamos Ladies. A community with the mission of increasing the wealth in Latinx communities. It’s been a wild ride. During that time, I’ve had some AMAZING opportunities. I was featured on Forbes, I spoke at SXSW, I started doing corporate talks, and even got nominated as a Lululemon Luminary.
It started with a brand. I had nothing. But I could tell a good, clear story of my experiences. I could paint a great picture of how I wanted to help people. All the great opportunities and connections that followed came directly to the brilliant brand I created.