Things we may cover in our work together:

Your desired future
You are the lifeline of your business. We start the process with you. What are you trying to build? How would you like to spend your time in the future? What kind of services will you offer? What kind of services will you no longer offer? Who are your dream clients? What is your desired lifestyle? Your future is an important part of the map to build a soulful business.
Who you are
We’ll look at who you are. (and really, and who you’ve always been!) We take a look at those things and the patterns, as well as your values and your mission in life. We may use tools like Enneagram, Astrology, Strengths Finder, Human Design, or whatever tool that you feel connected to. We use these to ground your brand and business. Whatever we build should honor who you are as a person.
A solid foundation
Safety is a key part of the creation process. If you think about a time when you tried coloring while stressed out. You might recall gripping the pencil really hard. It’s not a great way to create. Versus when you’re doing it from a place of happiness, joy, and taking your time. We want to create that same environment for your business.

It may look like getting a part-time job, keeping your full-time job, turning down clients. It may look like prioritizing therapy and making space to heal. It may look like blocking people in your life who aren’t supportive.

Entrepreneurial mindset + removing internal roadblocks
Have you ever felt like you have your foot on the gas while simultaneously having your other foot on the break? You have a clear goal and desire, yet at the same time, you’re having a hard time taking the actions to help you get there. To help you get out of this cycle, I use the Immunity to Change framework (created by the smarty pants at Harvard). This process is designed to get you unstuck.
Setting business goals + creating systems
Now that we’ve identified what kind of future you’re building, we’ll set some business goals! What are the correct goals in this season of your business? Is it growing your audience? Is it launching a new service? Is it making more money? Is it having more time for yourself? We’ll work together to clarify your business goals and build systems to help you get there.
Brand strategy
There are four pieces that I cover with my brilliant brand strategy framework: 1) who are you 2) who needs to know – understanding your audience, their behaviors, needs, desires, and motivations. 3) Why should they care? This is your value proposition. What problem does your business solve? 4) How will they find you? This is where we’ll talk about getting discovered by new people. Conversion and nurturing.
A soulful business supports you, your future, your goals. it honors your identity, it honors where you’re trying to go.
And you do it from a place that feels safe. A place that feels like you. So that is what we work on when you work with me.