A Step by Step Guide To DIYing it the low tech way.

Why low tech? Launching and promoting an online offer can feel scary. There are a million options of software, and you could spend an entire week just trying to decide which one to use. Possibly another week getting to know the platform, and a third week creating your offer.

Skip to the part where you can share your knowledge and expertise with the world! (And, get paid!)

I will be adding two more tutorials in this guide, to help you create a low-tech e-commerce store and sell an online service. Please share with anyone that might need some guidance during this time.

Launch your online course

Let’s talk about the components of an online course.
– Lessons (video, audio or written)
– Group Calls
– Online Community


Tools Needed:

– Zoom ($15/month)
– Google forms, Google Drive, Google Docs
– Paypal Account 
– Loom ($5/month)
– Your email account
– Facebook or Slack Group 


First, You Need to Sell + Promote Your Course

1. Decide on a name + outcome for your program
2. Create Google Form – this is your “sales” page. Tell people what the program is, how much it costs, what the outcome is, and ask them a little about themselves. 
3. Create social media posts to promote your program
4. Direct social media followers to google form URL
5. Once a person submits their google form, send them an invoice through your paypal account.  

Second, Create Your Course Content!
1. Use google docs to house your curriculum
2. Record your audio or video lessons through zoom/loom
3. Add the links the lessons in one google doc
4. Create a workbook using google docs, ask your members to “Make A Copy”

Third, Run Your Program! 
1. Create an online space for your program using Facebook Groups or Slack 
2. Run group calls or do live lessons using Zoom
3. Email course content to the people in your program

Fourth, Celebrate! You did it!