transform your leadership

✓ Lead with your strenghts 
✓ Communicate with confidence 
✓ Make decisions with ease

Past clients have struggled with things like:

“I’m not good at speaking up in meetings. Others take over, and I just go with the flow.”

“Making decisions is hard for me. I second-guess myself and it slows everything down.”

“I can’t seem to let go and delegate. I worry others won’t do it right, and I end up drowning in work.”

“I feel overwhelmed and I’m not sure what to focus on”

Leadership coaching is designed to help uncover your strengths and set goals that truly matter to you. I’ll support you in building skills and behaviors that help you lead without second guessing yourself.

What will we do in these sessions?

★ Identify your desired outcomes ★ Establish specific goals ★ Identify your strengths and build up your self-trust ★ Identify what resources you have available and create action plans ★ Monitor and evaluate progress ★ Modify plans as needed!


  • Will you give me guidance on my brand or business during these sessions? Nope! Coaching is all about connecting YOU with your own wisdom and answers. If you’re looking for consulting support please check out my Brand Strategy or Yearlong Coaching and Strategy Program.
  • How far can we get in 8 sessions? In the past, clients have created meaningful shifts in their awareness and life in 8 sessions. Depending on your goals and circumstances you may need more time with a coach than 8 sessions. We can hop on a call to discuss if you’d like.
  • Can’t anyone call themselves a coach? What experience or training do you have? I’m a few months away from graduating with my Masters in Executive Coaching, I have completed 100+ training hours of evidenced-based coaching for behavior change. I’ve coached dozens of leaders. (And can’t wait to meet you!)

My Coaching Style:

I adhere to the ethical guidelines set forth by ICF. My approach is person-centered, believing that you’re the expert in your life. Expect a compassionate and holistic coaching experience.


Eight 60-minute sessions for $1600, must be used within 3 months of purchase.
Payment plans available.

Next steps:

Email me and let’s set up a quick chat! I will answer your questions and get you set up!

become a more confident you in 8 sessions