low cost coaching

Hi there! As I work towards becoming an ICF certified coach I’m offering a $55/session friends and family special! I’m so excited to offer you a dedicated space to focus on your goals and self-discovery.

60 minutes of focused time to support you in uncovering insights, reach your goals or define your best next step

Coaching is…

When an individual (you!) works with a trained professional (me!) in a process of self-discovery and self-awareness.
Working together, the coach helps the individual identify strengths and develop goals.
Together, the coach and coachee practice and build the skills and behaviors required to make progress toward their goals.
(BetterUp, 2024)

This won’t be a regular chat, my attention will be on helping you reach the goals we set at the beginning.

Please note this isn’t a business, brand, or strategy consultation. ◡̈  


  • How many sessions can I sign up for? I’ll be offering these until I reach my required coaching hours. Feel free to sign up for one or more! These will be available on a first-come first-served basis.
  • Can I do just one session? Absolutely! I can support you in a single session as you uncover answers, create a plan, or identify the next best step.
  • Isn’t it awkward that we know each other? Our sessions are confidential! And you get to set the topic and depth of our discussion. I’m here to support you.
  • I want to try coaching but the cost is a barrier to me! Email me, let’s figure it out. I don’t want cost to be an issue.

My Coaching Style:

I adhere to the ethical guidelines set forth by ICF. My approach is person-centered, believing that you’re the expert in your life. Expect a compassionate and holistic coaching experience.