Uncover your unique value proposition and build confidence in how you talk about yourself.


Feel a little tongue-tied when it’s time to talk about yourself or your work?

I’m offering 10 beta spots for a new service called Confident Intros Power Hour. I want to fine-tune this with just a few clients to see what happens.

This $97 session is for people who struggle to introduce their work with confidence.

Is this YOU? Maybe…

★ You’ve just learned a new skill, changed careers, or integrated a new service into your business.
★ You’re the type of person who doesn’t love talking about themselves
★ Your background or experience feels all over the place

In just 60 minutes, we can:

𖦹 Uncover what makes you you unique!
𖦹 Craft a compelling story that connects with your audience. ✨
𖦹 Start building your confidence in sharing your message.

Give me one hour, and let’s uncover your value proposition and start sharing that message with clarity. (And maybe even some enthusiasm!)


ONE spot left! Take it! ◡̈  Please email me to book it. mspamelabarba@gmail.com