Increase your reach and impact by becoming known as the go-to in your field.

Hola! I’m Pame (pah-meh), I help people build brands that help you:

☻ Reach the right people
☻ Increase your impact
☻ Grow with JOY

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You love the work that you do,
and sometimes it can be hard to explain it to other people.

Speaking confidently about yourself and your work can help you:

☺ Get funding
☺ Feel confident when someone asks you “what do you do?”
☺ Land that Ted talk or book deal
☺ Attract collaborators and build your team
☺ Make more money
☺ Express yourself!
☺ Reach a wider audience and build community
☺ Build a sustainable client pipeline
☺ Serve more people

There’s many reasons why this is difficult… 

External Reasons: 
– Talking about yourself can feel awkward
– Cultural or societal values on being humble
– People pleasing tendencies (been there!)
– Dominant culture conditioning us to leave our culture behind in order to be “professional”
– Being first generation anything
– Not seeing our identity reflected in positions of leadership
– Fearing backlash from your boss, colleagues or audience
– You’re so close to the work that it’s hard to explain it to people who aren’t (aka potential customers!)
– Due to systems of oppression (racism, misogyni, ableism, sexism, transphobia, anti-blackness, anti-indeginiety,xenophobia) 

Internal Reasons: 
You have thoughts or beliefs that stop you from speaking up
– You’re not clear on how to talk about it
– You’re afraid of what people will think 
– You no longer feel in alignment with your message or work in some way
– It feels vulnerable

But most all, there’s lots of crappy advice on the internet that makes you feel that only option is to become an instagram influencer which is not something you desire.


A good brand is a bridge between where you
are now and where you want to go

Strategic storytelling changed my life.


At age 27, after years of code-switching, people-pleasing, and working way too hard, I burned out and quit tech my job. As an immigrant and first-generation college student, I felt so much pressure to “get it right” to honor my family’s sacrifice.

Despite the fact that my life looked good on the outside, it felt terrible on the inside. It was 2017. I was scared, I was lonely, and newly unemployed. I had no back-up plan, all that I had was my story. Thanks to my ability to brand myself, I was able to re-invent myself.

All that I had was my story. Thanks to my ability to brand myself, I was able to attract new friends, new clients, and new opportunities.

I went from being a burnt-out professional to a person who starts businesses and tells her story on stages. My brand helped me explain to people who I was, what I cared about, and most importantly it told people how I could help them. My brand helped me land opportunities, clients, trips, and connect with the right people.

I’ve been featured on Forbes, spoken at SXSW, I started a paid speaking career, I’ve been invited to co-curate art galleries, and I even became a Lululemon Luminary.

It has been a wild ride. During the past five years, I’ve had AMAZING opportunities, and it all started with a brand.

I had nothing, but I could tell a good story. I learned to use my voice and be vulnerable. I learned to communicate strategically and reach my goals. All the great opportunities and connections that followed came directly to the brilliant brand I created.

Now I want to teach you how to do the same.

Your brand can be the bridge that connects the right people to your work.


You’re in the right place if:


• You’re tired of cookie-cutter advice and are ready to find YOUR unique path to sustainable growth

• You understand that creating a business/brand building is an opportunity for personal growth and are ready to put in the work

• You are an activist, healer, creative, or entrepreneur who wants to transform your life or community through your work

• You’re looking for a slow and steady way to grow that honors your inner rhythms

But Pamela, what if…

If all we’re doing is talking, how do I know this is going to work for me?

I’ve been in situations where the coach and I just talked about whatever came up. In the end, I felt a little better, but not any closer to my goal. My program is designed for action and each conversation is purposeful. I take you step-by-step through proven brand strategy and mindset frameworks to help you reach your goal. Yes, you’ll feel better. But you’ll also take action. 

I’ve already gone to the workshops, I’ve gone to the conferences, and bought a “YOU GOT THIS” mug. And nothing changed. How is this different?

As a proud self-improvement junkie, I get it. I went to ALL the things and just ended up feeling more lonely and with an even bigger mostly pointless to-do list. That’s the magic in this 4-month program. It’s tailored to you. No generic advice. This is a highly supported, customized way for you to take big scary action. (and I’ll be there every step of the way, promise!) 

I feel so lost. Is this really the best time to invest in myself if I don’t even know exactly what I want?

I’ve been exactly where you are. When I started this journey, I had just burnt out of my “dream” job. I was also lost. In the middle of that messy feeling, I thought I had nothing. Over time, I learned that I actually had everything I needed inside me. In our 4 months together, you will learn to use all the tools that took me from LOST to crystal clear on who I was, how I talked about it, and how I created a life I love. 

What if I get stuck while we’re working together?

Honestly, you probably will get stuck! I’m ready for that. With four months together, we’ll have the time and space to dig up the things that have made you feel stuck in the past. We’ll take them apart one by one until they’re no longer relevant. This program is highly individualized. The support you’ll receive is guided by your needs, your stumbling blocks, your perceived obstacles. 

I’m interested, what are the next steps?


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