Build an online brand so good that opportunities come TO you.

I spent years and thousands of dollars in coaching and business education to learn the lessons I share here.
This program is part business development and part mindset improvement. In other words, how to build an online biz and how to do it with ease and confidence.

Hey, you! Ready to uncover your gifts and 

get paid? 

Let’s get that digital brand nice and shiny so you can stand out in the noise, feel good, & build your biz.

You have everything you need to build a successful online brand + biz. 

You have the different pieces of your brand ready to go. You have worked with a designer. You have watched all the Instagram training webinars you could watch. You have downloaded all the strategy freebies you could download.

You are passionate about what you do, yet you still feel stuck. Something is not working. You are exhausted from doing EVERYTHING for your brand on your own — copywriting, designing, selling — but you cannot hire someone yet. You are strong and motivated to keep going, but you cannot figure out what on earth you should focus on next.

 You do not have to do this alone. I can help!

You can do this. 

When I first started my business, I thought it was going to be easy! I come from an entrepreneurial family, so I thought those instincts would just kick in. On top of that, I was a trained graphic designer. I truly believed that I could just make it look good and that would be enough.

It wasn’t.

It took THREE years of additional training for me to come up with a simple system for helping myself + my clients actually build a brand that attracts the right people. I created my own system to kickstart my business, and I have taught the same system to plenty of other people who have since seen the same success.

It is not easy or magic. But it is a SIMPLE process. You WILL feel great telling the world about your brand and will get access to new opportunities in the process.

A 120 Day Online Brand Lab 

You will have all the support you need as you DIY your brand, promote your products, plan services, and implement tech tools. You will learn to build a brand that is aligned with you.

What’s included in The Brilliant Brand Club? ✨

Access to All My Programs 

 You get access to all the video trainings I have created. This includes more than 30 video lessons and one comprehensive workbook to help you Build A Brilliant Online Brand. I will add lessons every month.

Members-only Slack Group 

A private Slack group is included so that you have access to me between calls, but just as important, this will give you the opportunity to get to know, be supported by, and collaborate with other members.

Weekly Group Coaching  👯‍♀️

Four times per month, I will host live group hot seat coaching calls via Zoom. You will get 5 – 10 face-to-face minutes with me to dive into anything at all that you need. All calls will be recorded and added to your membership site.

Access to me Monday to Friday 🧘🏽‍♀️

 I will be active in the slack group Monday through Friday and available to answer questions, give support, and provide feedback on anything you need when it comes to your business. You can expect me to check in there once or twice a day.

One 30 Minute Accountability Call Each Month 

In this group accountability call, you set goals for the month. Research shows that setting goals is the key to achieving them.

One Goal Setting Session

In one 60 minute call, you will identify your three-year vision. I will help you create a plan and align your brand in a way that helps you get there.

If you are tired of feeling guilty for posting too much, or not posting enough… 
If it feels like you are posting/promoting all the time but not seeing the results you want to see…
If your brand is ALL OVER THE PLACE… 

Then this is for you. I have helped dozens of entrepreneurs who struggle with these problems. 

Through the Brilliant Brand framework, you will learn how to answer

four key brand strategy questions. 


We identify your strengths, clarify your vision, and align the two. When there is alignment, promoting your brand feels good. 


We identify your audience groups, determine your niche +  design an audience persona.


We find the intersection between the problem that you solve and your audience. We decide the best way to communicate your value proposition.


We identify your main brand touchpoints and create an aligned cohesive message to help you best reach your audience.

Ready to feel confident about your brand?

When I learned to tell my story, my life changed.

At age 27, I burned out and had to start over.

It was 2017. I was scared, I was lonely, and I was broke. 

Thanks to my ability to brand myself, I was able to attract new friends, new clients, and new opportunities. 

I was featured on Forbes, I spoke at SXSW, I started a paid speaking career, I was invited to co-curate art galleries, and I even became a Lululemon Luminary.  

 It has been a wild ride. During the past three years, I’ve had AMAZING opportunities, and it all started with a brand. I had nothing, but I could tell a good story. I learned to use my voice and be vulnerable. I learned to communicate strategically and reach my goals. All the great opportunities and connections that followed came directly to the brilliant brand I created.

Now I want to teach you to do the same.

Who is this for?


My clients are people that come from a non-traditional business background. They are artists, coaches, consultants, social justice leaders, writers, creatives healers and lawyers. Their brand + business is a part of who they are. Many identify as women, all are welcome.


Hey, I’m Pamela!

Pamela Barba is a brand strategist. When she was ten years old, Pamela’s family immigrated to the United States with $500 to their name. Now, using her cross-industry experience, Pamela works at the intersection of technology and social impact to economically empower Latinx and other marginalized communities. A first-generation college graduate, she is passionate about designing spaces where people can find the resources, connections and the community they need to thrive.

I firmly believe that the world NEEDS to hear your ideas. It needs your voice. 

The world needs your story.

My signature process is focused on identifying YOUR unique story + unique way of creating content.
I help find alignment in your passions + skills and translate it into a promotion engine to help you attract the right people and grow with ease.   

I spent years and thousands of dollars in coaching and business education to learn the lessons I share here.

This program is part business development and part mindset improvement. In other words, how to build an online biz and how to do it with ease and confidence.