Nice to meet you! 🙂 

i come from a small business family.

Businesses that my close family has owned: Flower Importer, Textile + Sweater Factory, Retail clothing stores, Yoga studio, Catering Company, Floral Designer, Web Design Firm, Retail Gifts, Massage Therapy Business, Logistics Consulting, Design Studio.

our dinner table looked like a tiny innovation lab.

All seven of us contributing, working together and ideating on how to improve our lives, our businesses.

i love being an entrepreneur.

 I’m a BIG believer that small business and entrepreneurship is a great avenue for having control over how we spend our time (our only non-renewable resource!)

Photo by Melissa Sáenz Gordon for Remezcla

i’m passionate about education. 

I’m a natural helper and empath. I love teaching and feel most at home in the classroom.

being bilingual helps me explain tech and design in simple terms.

I pride myself in being able to talk to anyone.  I’ve been bilingual since I was a kid. This skill helps me easily relate and understand different points of views. This is one of my favorite skills. 

i believe in designing for justice. 

I believe we have the right tools to design technology and organizations that help heal the world. I see my purpose closely tied to helping this happen.

Things I think about

Social Justice

Where I’ve been

Georgia State University, BFA in Design
The Southern Education Foundation
Turner Broadcasting
Dragon Army
Georgia State University
Freedom University
Digital Undivided
Plywood People

What I’ve Done

Project Manager
Adjunct College Professor
Community Builder

Where I’m going




Pamela Barba is a creative strategist, and the founder of Vamos Ladies, a community and self-development platform for Latinas. When she was ten years old, Pamela’s family immigrated to the United States with $500 to their name. Now, using her cross-industry experience, Pamela works at the intersection of technology and social impact to economically empower Latinx and other marginalized communities. A first-generation college graduate, she is passionate about designing spaces where people can find the resources, connections and the community they need to thrive.

Pamela has worn many hats: as a speaker, a strategist, a project manager, an adjunct professor, an activist, a graphic designer, and a tech founder. She has worked in some of Atlanta’s greatest companies including Dragon Army, Turner Broadcasting, Georgia State University, and The Southern Education Foundation. She earned her BFA in Graphic Design from Georgia State University in 2014.