Pamela Barba, founder of the Brilliant Brand Club, takes you from doing sh*t you don’t care about to getting paid to do the thing you would do for free.

Her process, which has been described as being “equal parts magical and practical” combines personal branding + mindset techniques.

Her grounded advice has been featured on Forbes and on stages nationwide.

Pamela and I did a one-on-one strategy session and it really helped me gain the clarity I was looking for. I loved that she had a framework for the work (guiding me with good questions, asking me to imagine scenarios) but was totally willing to pivot when I had an “a-ha!” moment mid-session. It was just the right mix of practical and magical!

Lib Aubuchon, Atlanta GA

I loved the lessons that Pamela created, they were focused and very insightful. I really enjoyed her approach to authentic storytelling and capturing who YOU are.

Kim Hoyos, New Jersey

Sometimes us business owners are so far into the business that we need an outside perspective on how to effectively deliver our brand message and the value we provide. I have already started tackling my list of actions from Pamela’s audit and I can’t wait to see how those updates will help grow my brand.

Sumhr Giboney, Atlanta GA