Your brand can be the vessel that carries you from feeling invisible to an inbox full of DMs.

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brilliantly brand(ing) you

You’ve “tried on” someone else’s brand…
and found that it really doesn’t fit. 

You’ve spent hours on webinars learning more than you ever wanted to know about social media trends — when all you really want to do is get out
there and work with people. 

You’ve thought about giving up…but there’s a reason you haven’t.

You KNOW a good brand has the potential to transform your life. To attract the people who need you and your services. Somewhere within you, you know this is an idea you owe it to yourself to pursue. 

If you didn’t, you wouldn’t be reading this right now. 

It’s time to step into the power of the brand you’ve created. 

Let’s DO this! 

You’re confident you’re doing the right thing.
You deserve to feel un-stuck.
You deserve to feel proud of yourself.

You have magic inside you. The world needs to know about it. 

Hola! I’m Pamela Barba, I help you build a brand that looks and feels GOOD.

I’m a business and brand strategist. My unique approach blends design, coaching, and strategy. I’m passionate about designing spaces where people can find the resources, the connections, and the community they need to thrive. 

My clients describe working with me as being “equal parts magical and practical.” My stories and advice have been featured on Forbes and on stages nationwide.

My clients describe me as equal parts magic and practical. So yes, let’s do the woo AND build the damn thing.

Pamela has a way of peeling back the layers of your brand to help you be grounded in a strong foundation that is authentic to you. Her growth mindset and passion for empowering people is evident in how she coaches you to move past limiting beliefs that may causing you to stunt your own growth. She not only takes you to the next level, she truly cares about you and your success.

It’s simpler than you think – here’s what’s inside:  

  • 3 months of 1on1 support from ya girl 
  • we’ll go through my brand framework to build your brand from the inside out, by the end you’ll FEEL and look confident AF 
  • a 3 page WordPress site 
  • a unique brand + content strategy to get all the 👁 on your brand 

You’ll also get access to a membership of badass brand builders + all my brand + strategy courses.

[Listing again what’s included:]

Price: $3000 for 3 months of coaching

Payment options: 
If you’re ready to make this shift and finally OWN your story in a highly-supported way, hit the button!
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It’s time to give yourself permission to build a brand that transforms your life. And this is the first step. 

You could keep buying webinars on social media trends and listening to podcasts about entrepreneurship.

But you’ve done that. And it doesn’t mean much when you aren’t “living” your brand. 

You could keep creating content, posting and trying to engage.

But it feels empty when you don’t trust yourself enough to have a clear direction. 

You could keep trying new strategies every week. 

But if it’s not truly YOU, a strategy from a box really doesn’t help.

Pamela will help you gain confidence in making your brand, marketing it, and helping you know how important it is in the world.